EMCO UnLock IT 6.1

Detects different types of locks that block resources management
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Many times when we try to move or delete a file or a folder, we get the annoying message that we cannot do it because the file is locked by another application. The worst thing is that Windows does not provide more details about the application that is blocking the file. EMCO UnLock IT is a program that can help us solve this problem. It is a simple application that allows us to unlock files and folders that are locked by some processes in our system.

The application is really simple to use; we only need to select the file or folder that is being blocked from the program interface. Additionally, the application provides integration with Windows Explorer, which makes the selection even easier. Once the previous step is done, the application will detect the program that is blocking this file or this folder, and will give us the option to kill the respective processes.

Within the program's interface, we will also be able to see details of the program and blocking processes. For example, we can see the program's name, company name, full path, total processor time, virtual memory, etc.

Finally, the program's interface is similar to Microsoft Office 2007, and comes with 3 different color schemes: blue, black, and silver.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The program's interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • The program integrates with Windows Explorer
  • It is not necessary to reboot your PC in order to unblock files or folders


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